What problem is Eka solving?
NFTs & Metaverse is still in a position where the adoption has certain barriers and scalability issued due to the friction between web2 & web3, Eka wants to fill this gap and make the adoption user-friendly with low/no barriers.

One-social multiple metaverse

So many companies are working towards building their very own metaverse, but users or even SME are facing difficulties in encouraging the new users to try them out. There is a lack of a single platform where metaverses from different chains can engage and grow together.

CPA (Cost of Acquisition)

Is a big concern In-game assets (also known as NFTs) are a bit expensive for a new user who doesn't even know if he/she gonna like and continue playing the game or not. Moreover, there is a lack of a single platform to showcase/monitize game related achievement or assets.

Monetisation for influencers

Talented and budding influencers can raise an initial capital to kickstart their career e.g. To set up a studio, by issuing Subscription NFT Collection, which his/her fans can mint and get a lifetime subscription to influencer’s exclusive content while they hold one of the Subscription NFT issued by the influencer in their wallet.
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