What problem is Eka solving?
Current marketplaces of NFTs are not intuitive for no-coiners and people new to crypto space, so we will focus especially on the NFT First crowd. With social media, the user will give us insight into their preferences in NFTs and preference of communities. With this insight, our recommendation engine will show users the type of NFTs they might be interested in thus creating a vibrant community-driven secondary market for NFTs.
Talented and budding influencers can raise an initial capital to kickstart their career e.g. To set up a studio, by issuing Subscription NFT Collection, which his/her fans can mint and get a lifetime subscription to influencer’s exclusive content while they hold one of the Subscription NFT issued by the influencer in their wallet.
Influencers can create their own social tokens which can be used by their fans to buy a monthly subscription for accessing the influencer’s exclusive content. The influencer can further increase the utility of their social token by rewarding the community in the way they see fit.
Monetisation for influencers (subscription model directly with users, social tokens).
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