What Eka Offers
EKA SPACES: Eka spaces will be the place for peoples from different blockchains or metaverses to interact with each other and show their digital asset holding as SPACE POST
EKA LEND & BORROW / Rent: Eka 2-ways lend & borrow feature will enable anyone including Gamefi, NFT projects and metaverses to do NACs (NFTs as Collaterals) and CACs (Crypto as Collaterals).
EKA NFT SUBSCRIPTION: Influencers can create their own subscription NFTs which can be used by their fans for accessing the influencer’s exclusive content.
Budding influencers face barriers in raising initial capital. He/She can simply raise capital by issuing Subscription NFT Collection, which allows access to his/her exclusive content on Eka Spaces.
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