Maximum supply of EKA is capped at 7,900,000,000 tokens.

Payment Utility

  • Community Tokens can be created using EKA tokens only.
  • All the community coins on Exchange will have a pair with EKA.
  • Communities can create an Asset-Backed NFT/Coin, where every NFT or Social coin can be backed by certain EKA tokens and those NFT/Coin can always be burned to get those EKA tokens back.
  • Fee paid in Eka token will be 50% of fee paid in any other token
  • In Addition to this fees on platform will be slashed by:
    1. 1.
      25% for hodling 1,000,000 EKA
    2. 2.
      50% for hodling 1,800,000 EKA
    3. 3.
      75% for hodling 2,000,000 EKA

DeFi Utility

  • Lending with native token as EKA will have 2% less fee compared to any other coin
  • Fee for creating & trading bonds will be 2% less fee compared to any other coin
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