Ayush Gupta

Founder and CEO

A computer science graduate from prestigious IIT with 3+ years experience working on re-architecture of Samsung Accounts with migrating data of 1.1 Billion Users and was awarded the Samsung Citizen Award. He also has some marketing experience from IIM Lucknow and was also asked to judge the flagship marketing event of IIM Indore.

Rishabh Anand

Co-Founder and COO

4+ Years experience in community building, consulting, marketing & growth for blockchain/crypto startups. With additional experience in fundraising and finance, he was also asked to judge IIM Indore’s annual flagship finance festival, IRIS.

Bhavyam Goyal

Co-Founder and CTO

A proficient developer with a Master's in Computer Science, he has experience of over 3 years in startups. Being a tech enthusiast, he has worked on a wide range of technologies including IoT, Virtual Reality & robotics. He is also helping start-ups such as Koyo Software Solutions in the capacity of a part-time Solutions Architect.

Ayush Agarwal

Co-Founder and CIO

With 3+ years of Amazon work experience, Ayush has armed both - fast-growing startups as well as largest enterprise customers with the required tools & tactics to architect and deploy secure, robust applications on AWS and other cloud technologies.
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