Key Highlights
To summarise Eka is:
  • Social Experience platform supporting Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avalanche...
  • A go-to place to check out/ interact with new, upcoming and trending NFT collections, metaverse games and their respective communities.
  • Eka is the only one that verifies your NFT on the blockchain and allows you to make a verified NFT post on Eka Spaces.
  • Eka lets you create NFT collateralized loans by keeping your NFT as collateral on the smart contract.
  • Eka aims to accelerate mass adoption of metaverse games by facilitating cost-effective NFT Renting.
  • Eka Spaces comes with Augmented Reality to attract gaming and metaverse enthusiasts
  • Helps influencers raise initial capital to kickstart their careers by issuing Subscription NFTs
Last modified 7mo ago
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