Social Media
NFT Focused, community based Social Media
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    We provide users with a social media platform that will be designed especially for NFT collectors where users can show their collection to their friends and the world.
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    To make sure that people are showing the collections they own, we will verify their wallets and give them verified badges. These verified badges will be shown to everyone whenever they post anything related to that NFT and also in the MyNFTs section.
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    With social media, there will be different groups and communities. We will make it possible for all communities to unlock the economic potential of communities like never before using the powers of BlockChain. Users of our platform will use NFTs and Social Token as social currency among friends. We also plan to link our account with other social media like Discord, Insta, Facebook & Telegram so that users may show their collection on other social media too.
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    We would create official groups for verified NFT projects where there will be special rooms and features for NFT holders. We would provide a safe space for NFT enthusiasts to interact and sell or loan out NFTs in a group or personal chat too.
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