Product Overview
Eka Network is the first dedicated SocialFi ecosystem for NFT communities, influencers & enthusiasts. The ecosystem consists of a NFT focused social media platform, NFT marketplace, lending/borrowing protocol and social tokens for influencers. The platform will initially support Ethereum & BSC before adding support for other EVM chains like Polygon, Fantom. We will also add support for Solana at a more mature stage.
The idea of our social media is to be an open go-to place for checking out new, upcoming & trending NFT collections/arts and their communities. You can Interact with various verified & unverified NFT collections’ communities through posts/likes/comments, personal messages, or you can even be in a voice chat with the other members of the community. Most importantly, people like to see the genuinity of NFTs posted on other social media, Eka is the only one which verifies your NFT on the blockchain via your wallet, to allow you to make a verified NFT post on our platform. You can buy/sell it if you want, but if you just want to make NFT as a post, which other users can verify instantly, Eka is the place to be.
As Eka is focusing entirely on making it the platform for influencers & communities in the NFT space, we understand that anyone can be in an urgent capital requirement but would like to keep their NFT with themselves in the long term. Here Eka’s lending/borrowing protocol comes in, which displays the risks involved, but once you agree you can lend/borrow stablecoins or Eka with other peers, keeping your NFT as a collateral on the smart contract. Eka is carefully thought of for not just communities, but also budding influencers.
If you are an influencer, or a trader with private suggestions, or a NFT trader who has some private mints coming up, you can share all of that data with your paid fans/subscribers. Subscription can be done in two methods, one is monthly subscription payable in Eka or your own influencer tokens. The other way is to mint/hold the subscription NFT issued by the influencer, as long as you have an NFT of the specified collection, you have free access to the exclusive content.
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